Medieval village


“Pals is worth not just one visit, it's worth hundreds of visits because its location offers the chance to see the most beautiful, unforgettable scenery of the country”

Josep Pla. El meu país [My Country]. Barcelona: Ediciones Destino, OC VII, 1968, p. 693

Pals welcomes you from a distance, as soon as you see, on the horizon, the silhouette of its wall around the town and can make out the church and the majestic Torre de les Hores tower, one of the few remains that is preserved of the old castle and an emblem of the town.

Walking through the narrow cobbled streets of the mediaeval town, by day or by night at any time of year, you will be surprised by the light of the ochre and golden colours reflected on the sandstone of the buildings. On your way through the town, you will come to the Town Square, the Visigoth tombs, the church, the castle, the Torre de les Hores, the town walls which you leave behind you along the way to the Josep Pla Viewpoint from where you can contemplate beauty and the sobriety of the Empordà Plain presided over by the Montgrí Massif with the Medes Isles in the background.

Pals is a magical place, a home to experiences and traditional legends that will surprise you.

A walk along these streets and alleys takes us straight back to the middle ages: there are stone arches, Moorish arches, Romanesque and Gothic doorways and windows ... If we look at the details, we can see the marks made by the early inhabitant in the rocks where in the high middle ages they carved out anthropomorphic burial chambers.