Routes on foot or by bicycle

“Pals is a town with a wide range of contrasts: the walled town, an unchanging testament to the passing of time, invites you to take a relaxed stroll through its streets; the oaks and pines on the hillsides of Quermany offer deep shade to hillwalkers, while its peak rewards them with magnificent views of the coastal plain; the old beach path winds between dunes colonised by white pines to take us to the sea, which is sometimes calm, sometimes rough; the “Basses d’en Coll” and the rice fields (included in the Montgrí Nature Park, the Medes Islands and the Lower Ter) sweeten the landscape; the swaying of the crops in the dryland fields reminds us of the waves of a green sea dotted with the red coral of the poppies, and the vegetable gardens and reed beds bring us closer to the rustic, harsh yet amiable nature of the people of the region.

The changing seasons are reflected in the intensity of the light, the different stages of the crops and the fallow period of the land, and this is why we recommend a repeat visit, because each of these three routes will provide something different to discover.”

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