Accessible tourism


We recommend wheelchair users to use a third wheel or the support of another person to complete any part of the itinerary. It is necessary to take into account that it is a medieval historical site and the streets are cobbled.

We start the route in the Abeurador street parking  and walk up from left sidewalk (recommended),  because on the right sidewalk there are the chairs and tables of a restaurant. Before arriving at the Ca La Pruna parking, we will find  3 large pots with plants, one of which is in the middle of the pass, we have to take care of not to trip on.  In that point, on the right, we find Ca la Pruna building and just in front of it  the accessible toilets. We continue to the right, walking on a wide and clean street towards the main square, where we can find the Tourist Information Office and the Town Hall. In the Main square, we pass through a big gothic arch which will take through the Main Street until the old town. We will continue visiting the gothic tomb at right side of the Main Street arriving almost to the church, in that point we turn to the right for finding the Homage Tower. Every informational sign of the old town is written in different languages and also in Braille. We go back towards the church and we pass between it and the castle at right side. In that point pay attention to a stone block situated on the floor almost in the middle street. We will continue towards the Josep Pla viewpoint, in here the floor is variable and rough. We turn back towards the church and go down. The street has a continuous descent but is wide and clear. We can turn left and arrive again at the Main Square or we can go on and we will arrive to Ca La Pruna and at the beginning of the itinerary.

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