Arròs de Pals a la cassola is the most traditional dish that you will find at restaurants in the town and during the “Pals and its rice cuisine” gastronomy campaign

The Empordà larders are full of local products from the sea, from the mountains and from the vegetable gardens and, together with the savoir-faire of our chefs, they combine to produce a cuisine with an identity of its own that is top quality and has an exquisite flavour.

Pals rice, along with prawns from Palamós, sweet sausage, brunyols or sweet fritters, onions from Figueres, cooking apples from Vilabertran and local curds all have the label of guaranteed products from the Empordà region.

In Pals restaurants, you will be able to try out a wide variety of dishes prepared using these and other products (fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, white and red meat, etc.) cooked with ingenuity and originality, that will add the finishing touches to your stay in the town.