Water sports

The beach at Pals is 3.5 Km long and divided into two sections known as Platja del Grau and Platja Gran. Both beaches, but especially Grau, are ideal for practicing water sports, namely windsurf, surf, bodyboarding, paddlesurf, kitesurf, kayak, snorkel, patí català, catamaran and class  4/20 - 4/70 small sailing craft .

These sports can be enjoyed all year round, except kitesurf which is restricted when the beaches are busiest between the 1 June and 30 September. The most common prevailing winds on the beach are N, NE (the Tramuntana and Gregal)  and SW, S and SE (Garbí, Migjorn and Xaloc). Conditions at the beach can be seen through the webcam Club de Vela de Pals

Whether you are an experienced sailor or a novice in these sports, the beach at Pals has two schools of sailing and a sailing club to give you the chance to practice them. (Active tourism) It should also be noted that owing to the length of the beach, and that the channels for launching and landing the craft are marked with buoys, there buoys are also used as a wild water channel for swimmers training for the open sea.

This swimming area is an attractive area for snorkellers, who can find many different marine species here. Nor can we overlook those who fish with rods from the beach, a sport which requires an age of 14 and a licence, and can be practiced from sundown to sunrise.

Besides all these activities, the beach can be run from the PRC108 to Basses d’en Coll and Platja gran, and you can play volleyball, beach tennis or fly kites.