Other activities

Pals is a tourist destination that offers visitors a wide range of attractions for all kinds of people, tastes and needs. As well as water sports and golf, visitors can enjoy: (Active tourism)

. From adventure activities, like taking a Segway along the most extraordinary routes, the rice paddies and the beach.

. You can also put your skills and abilities to the test suspended from trees in the adventure park, surrounded by nature and vegetation. There you will find zip lines, bungee-jumping and walkways that will get your adrenaline pumping to the max.

. Those who aren’t looking for such intense and daring activities can opt for a relaxing round of mini golf, a historical escape room through the streets of the town and solving challenges with the elements of the environment or a guided tour including a wine tasting overlooking the vineyard.

. In addition, you can enjoy sporting events that reflect the dynamism that Pals offers visitors with attractive and participative activities throughout the year. For example, a walk across the rice paddies, the Quermany 224 mountain trail running race and the beach volleyball tournament, among other sporting activities that are held in public or private facilities.