Pals is a town whose character is marked by its rich cultural heritage, and which has been able to preserve its historic legacy and to transform its deep-rooted traditions and legends into festivals enjoyed by its residents and its visitors alike: its Gothic quarter, the living nativity, the traditions of sowing and collecting the rice, the Gourmet Campaign of Pals rice, the fair of wine, and the singing of havaneres, the variety of guided tours in the area which reveal how diverse its area is and how many cultural activities are on offer.

Besides the traditions and popular festivities of Catalonia, Pals also celebrates the following events:

  • JANUARY: Living nativity, the Pastorets, the Kings’ Parade and the Little Festival of Masos de Pals.
  • FEBRUARY: Carnival.
  • APRIL: Llapis de Sant Jordi and Literary trails and Gourmet Campaign of Pals rice.
  • MAY: Gourmet Campaign of Pals rice.
  • JUNE:  Beer festival, Traditional sowing of rice and Planta't a Pals campaign.
  • JULY: Concerts of Sardanes, Havaneres and Candles night.
  • AUGUST: Concerts of Sardanes, Exhibition and tasting of wines: Wine in Pals, Annual Festival of Pals, Annual Festival of Pals Beach and Music festival: Musica't.
  • SEPTEMBER:  Annual Festival of Masos de Pals and National Day of Catalonia.
  • OCTOBER: Traditional rice harvest.
  • NOVEMBER: "Castanyada" and Halloween.
  • DECEMBER: Christmas Concert, Little Christmas (Children’s Christmas Celebration) Christmas market and Living nativity.

There are guided tours on a range of subjects throughout the year (gothic quarter, Josep Pla walks, superstitions and legends, the rice-fields, Columbus…)