The Cittaslow movement started in 1999 in Italy with the aim of countering the frantic pace of life today. The movement quickly expanded into other countries and there are towns around the world that are members.

Pals fully identifies with the principles of the ‘slow movement’ and, together with the towns of  Mungia,  Lekeitio,  Rubielos de Mora and  Begur, are the founders of the Cittaslow Association – Network of Towns for Quality of Life in Spain.

A “slow” town means a lot more than just being a “quiet town”. It implies a series of intangible aspects that derive from an attitude that has to embrace all the facets of the territory. It involves a special approach to observing and living life that favours the inhabitants who strive daily to preserve the landscape, customs and traditions, local cooking and local produce ... without standing in the way of progress or new technologies. 


An approach to life that tourists and visitors and tourists in our town can appreciate.

We invite you to discover it!



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