L’Empordà is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in the Mediterranean, as Empúries was traditionally considered the gateway through which the Greeks introduced vine cultivation to the Iberian Peninsula.

The strategic location and the climate make it possible to produce wines of great quality and uniqueness.

L’Empordà Designation of Origin is a wine appellation that mainly comprises land from the L’Alt and Baix Empordà regions.

Specifically in Pals, apart from the traditional rice fields, in the past vines were also cultivated.

Today, in our municipality there is a winery that is the result of a family firm founded with the dream of making our own wine, ideal for pairing with local products and the dishes offered in the local restaurants. It has fifteen hectares of vineyards, where we can find native varieties of L’Empordà, such as Garnatxa Blanca, Garnatxa Roja, Garnatxa Negra, Samsó Blanc, Samsó Negre, Subirat Parent, among others.

This winery follows a philosophy based on the care of the vines from the beginning, through the organic farming and manual harvesting, selecting the best grapes to make their wine.

And they offer visitors a wine tourism experience to learn the secrets of the production of their wines, which express the essence of the terroir.

During the visit you can taste this product and discover the vineyard and the surrounding area, which combines perfectly the freshness of the sea with the power of the tramuntana wind. 

Mas Geli Winery in Pals www.masgelipals.cat