Distance: 2.3 Km.
Duration: 60 min.
Dificulty: Low
Type of route: on foot and/or bicycle (circular route)
What you will find: Urban, enclosure and landscape.



This route is the shorter (2.3 km) of the Healthy Routes Network of Dipsalut, the public health organism of the provincial government of Girona, with the collaboration of the Council of Pals. Starting is recommended in the passeig d’Europa, in front of the sports pavilion. We will find some arrows on a yellow background, with a white cross on an orange circle that marks the way.

It is a nice walk, almost level, which takes us around the town of Pals. It can be done in either direction; and we discover a landscape of fields, vines, market gardens and reed beds. The town of Pals is always there as a reference because. as the writer Josep Pla said:Pals is a town raised on the heights of a hill. 

We leave the Passeig d’Europa and come to carrer de la Font, then continue right until we come to a crossroads with signs for hikers and cyclists, where the old road to Sant Feliu de Boada starts. We continue along the road, passing alongside mas Moret until we come to a crossroads where we follow the sign and turn left. We pass a vineyard and grove of oaks, then go back up to the town along the path by the cemetery, following carrer de la Muralla, where we come to a passage going down the steps to carrer de la Mina through which we can exit the town, passing in front of can Martinench.

We leave behind the cobblestones of the drainage channels and continue along the path, which takes us a little away from the town towards the vegetable gardens and fields of rainfed agriculture. To the left of this path there are a pair of olive trees a hundred years old, while ahead and to the right there is also an old oak whose shade makes it an excellent spot to take a break. We carry on to the next left turn, and take the road that will lead us back to the town.