Distance: 7.5 Km.
Duration: 3h.
Difficulty: Low
Type of route: on foot and /or by bicycle
What you will find: Contrasts of the town of Pals. Its mountains, buildings and landscape



This route is the longer (7.5 km) of the Healthy Routes Network of Dipsalut, the public health organism of the provincial government of Girona, with the collaboration of the Council of Pals.

We recommend starting in passeig d’Europa, in front of the sports centre, in carrer Abeurador. We will find some arrows on a yellow background, with a white cross on a green circle that mark the way.

We will find one of these signs at the crossroads of passeig d’Europa and carrer Abeurador, and we follow its indications until we come to carrer Enginyer Algarra which we cross and continue along carrer Quermany; we find ourselves moving away from the  town towards the isolated farms, pine groves and oaks at the foot of this hill.

We leave Quermany on our right, and go under the ring road and in front of mas Fresch. We follow the road, passing alongside mas Salvi before going down to mas Floris and the crossroads which is the start and end of the remainder of our route. It can be taken in both directions. We continue toward the right, skirting mas Floris in the shade of the pines, cork oaks and holm oaks until we arrive at the crossroads of can Pou de ses Garites

We leave the roads behind here and move up towards the residential area of Mas Tomasí. The signs take us to Masos de Pals and carrer de Dalt where we arrive at the church of St. Fructuós. Once in the church square, we go down towards the roundabout and continue along the tarmac road off to the left. At the next crossing we continued right, as the sign suggests, pass in front of mas Cramany, go through a grove of pine trees and then find a vineyard further ahead to our right.

We continue on the left along the road until we find the road back on our right, passing through mas Salvi once more before retracing our steps to Pals.